Thursday, December 24, 2009

Racer Boi

I am no longer "unattached".

For a while I had been hesitant to join a team. I have heard stories of team drama and what not, so I never really thought about it. Most just didn't seem right for me.

Here is the deal. This past year, I've started racing and really enjoying it.

A buddy of mine races for Pirate Race Productions, and started hinting at me checking them out out.

I really like that is a very new team that competes in mountain bike, cross, and road races. I honestly enjoy racing them all.

Meeting a few of the team members at a TXBRA race sealed the deal.

On the practice side of things, there are benefits for joining a team. Most everyone first thinks about sponsors, that is true. Racing and frequent training is tough on gear. The other is the logistics of getting to races.

Beyond that, I think at this point in my super-amateur racing career, this will be a good thing for me and the team.

The gang seems very cool, I look forward to meeting, riding, and racing with them.

I am excited.

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