Thursday, April 30, 2009

3rd Place!

A close and solid third place. The field was the toughest yet. The course was brutal. There were two full runs of shoal creek from LBL to around 30th. Also two figure eights on LBL trail.

I did have one near fall, and two missed turns, but that is part of the game. BD told us to know shoal creek, and it would have helped. Haha. One of the turns almost took me into where the dirt jumps were. I need to get some more high speed night practice out on shoal creek.

All in all, I am very happy about my performance, and stoked about how much fun this stuff is. I can't wait until Sunday.

BD, thank you for bringing the cross disease here.

Cross race tonight

8 pm.

Ped. bridge

Even if you dont race, or know someone racing, come out. A well-stocked and drunk spectator pit will make our cross races just that much more authentic.

Check out this beer hand-off

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stevie Wonder...

can play the drums.

As seen on

Im lame

Extenuating circumstances delayed my plans to hit up the trails. I texted daniel to let him know, sorry to anyone else that actually went. Meet me at pint night and i will buy you a beer.
Ill be playing on the hike and bike trail tonight. Ill start from the ped bridge at 830

Cyclebum Quiz

Name this logo as seen on a table at The Gingerman.


Btw Pint night at Zax 6 pm


Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a feelin' Brian would be up to something this week.

Name: Cross Club #10 aka The Noah's Ark Race

Date: 4/30/2009 (That's this Thursday!)
Time: 8 pm
Start/finish: Lamar Ped Bridge
Distance: In the 10-18 mile range
Cost: $5
Prizes: Yes
Slop: God, I hope so.
Advice for homework: Know the Shoal Creek trail. KNOW IT. I'm done holding hands, my friends. Time to step it up.
Added Bonus: A copy of Cyclocross Magazine to the first 20 attendees - spectators and racers.

And then...

Name: Cross Club #11 aka The first one with barriers
Date: 5/3/2009 (That's this Sunday)
Time: 6 pm
Start/finish: Undisclosed at this time - likely NOT at the ped bridge
Distance: Probably "sprint" distance. That does not mean drag racing, just probably short and vicious.
Cost: $5
Prizes: Probably so.
Slop: Should be a total nightmare if it really T-Storms for the rest of the week. At least it will be warm-ish. hehe
Advice: Get a lot of sleep and carb up. I'm throwing a wrench in the works this time. It's time to see what everyone's really got.

p.s. I think will be hitting up town lake trail a few times this week (at night, around 9) to get some riding in and work on my mounts. Anyone want to join in? I think I may start tonight.

More pictures less words...

because it is Monday.



A little dash of Hollywood


Social Cycling ATX Ride.

Awesome as expected.

Its getting bigger by about 5 people every time. There is a group of regulars for sure. Patty hogged (deservedly) all the attention once again. Ya she barks, but I'm cool with it. Every pedestrian and driver that sees her chillin' in the back of the bike smiles. Barks for smiles is a good deal.










homeboy has a lot of pics:


Did the Austin tricyclist Saturday ride.

Then I got a flat. Right about here:





Did the Jack & Adam's ride. It was good. Except, some tricyclist lost a water bottle that went straight for my front wheel. If it were not a wet morning, my tire would have gripped the bottle instead of pushing it out of the way. I was lucky.

No pictures for that ride : (

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ATXBS DOWN!!!!! (Wed. Evening)

real ale, not Real Ale tonight!!!!

Zax. 6pm. Cask conditioned Saint Arnold Elissa IPA.

I was shake and baked at the Tuesday Nighter

I went to go check out this weekly "throw down" that has been going on since the 70's.

Fuck it was hoooooooooooooot yesterday.

The race is out on some country roads south east of the city.

Some of those roads have cracks that could eat up a 23mm tire in a split second.

The race is only twenty something miles, so it starts quick and stays fast.

There were a few gaps made and reeled in.

In the end it was a bunch sprint.

The UT cycling team has some good tactics, I was thoroughly shake and baked in the end and got third.

Now. Enjoy this clip from a horrible movie.

I had a great time. Not the clip, the race.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just put on a new tire today. First ride out, a fat ass screw right in it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch up time again!


I'm not a big Shiner fan, but this is a nice glass.




Fearing that the weather dudes might actually be right, I hit up a BSS ride I heard about at a Social Cycling ATX ride. I was planning to try out the driveway crits, but 70% chance of rain at 6 had me playing it safe

We did a lil' thang know as the Southeast Shuffle.

We did the 35 mile loop at a quick pace, since we were only 2.

Good ride out there. I had never really ridden out south east.

5th st. has a nice neighborhood


We passed by the landfill that is challenging Mt. Bonnell for highest peak status.


Right next door to trash mountain is a wildlife sanctuary setup by the curators of trash mountain. Go figure.



Good ride.

Thursday continues, and the percent chances for rain kept dropping by the hour on

Looks like I'm going racing after all...

The crits out there are fast and fun.

I didn't have a chance to pre ride the course, so it was kinda tough, but really fun learning and racing on a course at the same time.

I stayed up front for about 4 laps. It was alot of fun chasing down the breaks that seem to happen 2-3 times per lap.

I was sitting in third, when I kinda lost my line and got caught right on the edge of the pavement. Not wanting to risk a crash, I road on to the dirt and jumped back onto the track. By the time I was back, the pack was pretty much gone.

I learned alot, and had a great time. I will be returning.

DB of the cross club races was out there. I chatted him up while I rehydrated with some Modelos.

Now it has been a long day. About 50 miles of road riding and a Crit, but I still wanted to head out to the Social Cycling ATX ride.


Another good crowd. This time it was more of a riders ride.

We took a whole bunch of sidewalk trails to get out to the golf course on Lake Austin.

Once out there, we ran around the cart trails.

I had never ridden a bike on a golf course, good stuff.

After regrouping, it was off to Deep Eddy Cabaret.

A beer later, and I was feeling the days wear.

Time to feed the gut worm.


Cyclebum suggestion:

Go to Hai Ky.
Get the Ap Chao. #96 for chicken/shrimp/beef. #101 for Tofu.
Get it spicy.
Eat it.
Feel blissful.


I had an appointment to check up on my broken wrist.

I was expecting to need a few more weeks in a cast, but my wolverine-like mutant healing powers had me healed in 5 and a half weeks.

The doc was impressed.



I still was going to need 2 weeks in a splint.

Getting the cast off was awesome, but it was much more comfortable when riding intensely or for a long time.

So naturally, I decided to modify the cast and just tape it on when I needed to.


And what do you know, DB decides to call a cross club race Friday morning for that night.

Another coincidence was that I was expecting my NiteRider MiNewt USB also on Friday.

Usually we get our shipments between 12-2pm. Have for years. However, it seems we have a new guy that either takes a super long time, or has changed the order of drop offs. I didn't get the uncharged light till 620. I was worried that the 2 hours I had to charge it would not be enough, but it was.

I prepared my body as usual.

Half a Six
DZ Nutz
Elite Thermogel

It was a great night for racing. The trails were wet, and the creeks running.

The start was on shoal creek near pease park.

On the way out there, we had one person fall on slippery sidewalk, and I fell on a wooden bridge.

The two creek crossings on shoal creek were awesome. About crotch level, murky and running quick, they were fun.

There is another wood bridge on LBL near congress. I didn't learn my lesson apparently, because I fell AGAIN. At this point, I'm thinking I shouldn't have raced on tires with 3 miles of break-in. Either way, I popped back up and managed to stay in third.

I was cruising along in 2nd/3rd for a few fast laps. Before the last lap I turned up the heat on the run-up and was in first as we crossed the Ped bridge for the last lap.

I relaxed a bit and sat in 2nd till the last leg of the trail. I was hoping to go for the win with the run-up and sprint. Under the first st. bridge, I turned it up. Got the group to chase me. At the end of the push, myself and the 1st place had put some space between us and the 3rd place. Unfortunately, the guy in first took a wrong turn right before the run-up and I followed. The wrong turn is normally the right turn in these races, but construction complicated the course, so I don't blame him at all. In the end, the guy in third got first, and I got third. Great race!

I got my entry back, and another skull cap. I saved my winnings for the next pint night, and gifted my skull cap to a deserving Texas 4000 rider.

Thanks Brooks for comin out and getting some pics. I like the sky in this first one.

Also, I heard that someone was cheering me on and/or may have even yelled my name. I assure you that I am as well trained as even the most lowly dog. In fact, I do know my name, but I am sorry I didn't notice it.



I took it kinda easy. And by take it easy I mean limiting myself to only commuting, which turned out to be 30 miles...

I cleaned and oiled the rig also.

That night went downtown with a friend. Got a beer at Gingerman, and ate at 219.

I somehow convinced her to check out the hot rods on south congress.


Does it surprise you that I like and/or appreciate cars? I am not anti-car, I just don't like certain aspects of cars and car drivers. It is a complicated subject for me. Meet me at a pint night for details.

These cars and their owners reminded me of the cycling sub culture in a way.

These are lifestyle motorhead's cars. They aren't rich professionals. They cant afford all the "bling" and polish, but they are serious about their car, and love what they do. That is cool.



More pics of HERE

Sunday I was a plain old bum

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cross Race

Although I'm sure my mom wont be racing tonight, I would like to announce there is a cross race tonight at 8:30. Ped. Bridge.

That is all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


is made here and now...

I am seriously considering thinking about actually racing in accordance with the rules and regulations of THE MAN.

It may happen as soon as the Thursday Crit @ The Driveway.

Mom...don't worry, I'll be ok.

ABC 123

Going fishing and losing a nice bass is worth it for one of these.


For is.

After fishing, I tried some tripped out Honduran food...and it was good.



I went to pint night and kept it REAL


Remember this guy:


Hes still going to pint night, and his stand-up routine is getting sharper every night.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Song in the brain...

Cross race

It all started 3 Mighty Arrows. They were enjoyed as I adjusted/cleaned my rig and prepped.

Im still a big fan of DZ NUTS


And of Elite Thermogel

Now, with some beer in the stomach, taint protected, and legs feeling great, time to roll.

Good number of people, but I was expecting more for a Saturday night. The field was not small, but some of the hard hitters...err peddlers... were not present.

We head to the start line which was on the shoal creek trail. Before even getting there, we had our first fall. Someone fell into the creek crossing (with water) that is somewhere downtown.

The start was on shoal creek trail near 38th st. Some of those sections are a little techy. My BCGB experience definitely paid off. Me and a dude on a MTB blew through that section and created a nice gap by the time we got to the hike and bike trail.

Homeboy and I kept a nice pace on the hike and bike. This was my first cross race with an appropriate bike, so I kept on his tail to get an understanding of the pace, and when/where to mount, dismount.

My mounts need work.

I kinda lost track of the lap count, and I asked the guy I was riding with if he knew if it was the last lap. I didn't expect him to tell me the truth, just thought I would ask. He said he didn't know. Apparently he knew, cuz he dropped the hammer after the 1st st. rundown and we finished a close 1st/2nd(me).

During that last run-up, I got me some blood.


Allright, beer and blood, two very important characteristics of a legit cross race.






I cant wait for some real bad weather racin'