Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cross race

It all started 3 Mighty Arrows. They were enjoyed as I adjusted/cleaned my rig and prepped.

Im still a big fan of DZ NUTS


And of Elite Thermogel

Now, with some beer in the stomach, taint protected, and legs feeling great, time to roll.

Good number of people, but I was expecting more for a Saturday night. The field was not small, but some of the hard hitters...err peddlers... were not present.

We head to the start line which was on the shoal creek trail. Before even getting there, we had our first fall. Someone fell into the creek crossing (with water) that is somewhere downtown.

The start was on shoal creek trail near 38th st. Some of those sections are a little techy. My BCGB experience definitely paid off. Me and a dude on a MTB blew through that section and created a nice gap by the time we got to the hike and bike trail.

Homeboy and I kept a nice pace on the hike and bike. This was my first cross race with an appropriate bike, so I kept on his tail to get an understanding of the pace, and when/where to mount, dismount.

My mounts need work.

I kinda lost track of the lap count, and I asked the guy I was riding with if he knew if it was the last lap. I didn't expect him to tell me the truth, just thought I would ask. He said he didn't know. Apparently he knew, cuz he dropped the hammer after the 1st st. rundown and we finished a close 1st/2nd(me).

During that last run-up, I got me some blood.


Allright, beer and blood, two very important characteristics of a legit cross race.






I cant wait for some real bad weather racin'

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  1. good beer, good times, good racin. congrats on second.