Friday, October 30, 2009


Damn son, my first TXBRA sanctioned cyclocross event.

I am really excited to see the course, the racers, the brats, and the beer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For various and sundry reasons, my boiler has be mega-stoked
Watch out for this guy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Race Report

No, not the DD one. I mean its been like a week, who gives a rodent's behind.

Ok, so I did a 7 lap/42 mile circuit race back "home".

If you don't know me, you might not understand what a weird kind of racer (ok person) I am.

Do not assume I am some super-duper serious dork racer boi.

I am a cyclist that likes going fast and racing, but not at the expense of having a good time while doing it or in my non-cycling life.

That is why I will be able to laugh hysterically at these pictures now, and probably way more in the future.

(Photos by Daniel L. ThyNeighborsBike, CLICK for other pics)

I think there is a serious picture somewhere, but it is probably hiding.

Ok now to the horrible, horrible details.

Started off nice and relaxed. The pace increased after about a mile, and the first attack soon after that. In small open category races, a early attack sometimes is simply to weed out people.

At the beginning of the second lap, two small groups tried a break, but were reeled in quick.

Towards the end of the second lap, a group of five went for it. I was in position to chase if I wanted, but I decided not to.

I figured it was way to early to hold a break till the end.

Well, I was wrong.

Those five apparently worked together very well. Two of the five were dropped from the break by the end of the 5th lap, but others ended in a sprint.

On the other hand, the peloton never worked together.

I tried talking to people, but it just didn't happen.

That was some serious strategy and cooperation fellas, nice work.

I figure, oh well, I'll go for good finish in the group.

On the last lap, the pace got hot on this nice curve. So nice, that I cramped up the hammies.

Both of them.

Now, I have cramped up crazy after a race, but never during. It was not cool.

Overall, good stuff. Good competition, and lessons learned.

more coal in the boiler...

Friday, October 23, 2009


Going to my ex-home for a little racing.

It is always very weird racing down there. It seems like everyone has affiliations, even the Cat 7's

They take cycling "differently" there. I was going to use "seriously", but differently really is more appropriate.

I hope my occasional lack of etiquette does not get me scolded again this time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thy Neighbor's DD thoughts and pictures

Here is what you do.

Make sure you read all the directions before beginning.

1. Go here:
2. Read text and browse pictures
3. Blow those pics up, they are good ones.
4. Come Back here sometime soon to get a race report of sorts.
5. Enjoy life.

Dirt Derby

Ya M'on.

Was a good time.

I managed to "keep it real".....

And it did not go wrong.

It went pretty well. 2nd place in the first race and 4th in the second.

My headset is f-bomba'd.

Ill be stealing (with total disregard for intellectual property rights) pictures from thyneighbor soon.

Or ill just send you his way.

Either way, its gonna be awesome.

You know, with this weather I could be down for a race this evening.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chasing the rabbit

Time to get racin.

Looks like its dry enough for a cross race at the derby this week...

Ya, its weird, but it is supposed to read like that.

Who knows, I might have a great time getting kicked out for a beer hand down.

Photo, and origin of the beer hand-down philosophy from

Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have no idea how I had not run into this song until 5 min ago.

Bernie, that board cried.

I love 360. 60s and drizzle this morning. Amazing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The alternative becomes the real deal...

So when D and I (mostly D) starting knocking around this idea of holding home grown cross races, the idea was to provide a replacement for when the Derby gets canceled.

A funny thing happened after the first two weeks of doin' this 'thang...

I started hoping for the derby to get canceled.

We've got some serious cross fun and racin' going on here folks.

Thy Neighbor's Alleycats are amazing.

Where to start?

Location! It has been actually possible and safe to "ride to race". I have much fun meeting up and riding out to the courses.

Straight chillin' atmosphere. Im the type of crosser that likes to drink beer before (and maybe even during) racing. Thats just me.

Heres a biggie... Ability to ride in the rain/mud. You know, I think its kinda goofy that races have been canceled because of rain. I kinda thought that was part of the game/fun, or thats what the internet has tricked me into believing. Hey, I know it is the characteristics of the venue, but maybe its time for a change.

The mud makes for so much damn fun and creates some real technicality. Last night, the mud pits (yes THREE) were changing character every single lap. You really had to be on your toes to make it through there with speed.

Cost: 5 bones or donation of a bike related item to the prize pool. Thats some serious value.

Competition. The spectrum is run out there. It is amazing. It is the most sweetly painful 35 minutes of feeling very alive.

I just feels right.

keep checking or bugging Thy Neighbor for his rundown and amazing pictures.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thy Neighbors AlleyCross IS Austin cyclo-cross

I said it.

Old Saddle, New Saddle.

I have been not looked forward to this day.

I am shelving a old friend.

Even worse, it is an old friend gifted to me by an old friend.

Here it what it looked like just after picked:

Selle San Marco Aspide Arrowhead gel

Mr. MA, my bike wrench/philosophy sensei, gave me me this saddle quite a few years ago. Man I hate to think, but maybe 4-5. Thanks man, she has served me very very well.

It was my first real deal well made race worthy saddle.

I loved it from day one.

It has been on 3 bikes. Two road bikes and a cross bike.

I was impressed how it held up to my cross remount learning curve.

I have progressed much on this saddle, put thousands of miles on this saddle, suffered on this saddle, and been filled with joy on this saddle.

Call me a weirdo, but I kinda have a connection with this saddle.

Big thanks to D-Bone for his photo skills.
Plug: He is now doing quinceaneras.

She is not dead yet. I've rubbed through some sections and gel is starting to peek out.

I figured she should go out in style. Maybe a long/foreign bike tour. Maybe She will make an appearance for a big race, if they ever allow me in one...

Here is my new throne:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sometimes cyclists are seen as opponents/players/challengers on the roads. They are lifes. Lifes with important connections.

This girl no longer has her most important connections.

Photo by: Tom Reel/Express-News

Don't waste time arguing amongst the choir. Engage your non cycling friends. It does not need to be cycle-centric, it should simply be people-centric.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Giro extras

Cool pics from a friend.

Now that I can count my chicken, I'd like to share why this helmet is important to me.

This bad boy came back with me from Sorrento Italy. Me and my brother spent a day hunting down a bike shop. We did this with four Italian words and a sense of adventure. We hopped on a city bus, got help from nice folks, and walked endlessly, but we found it.

I knew before the trip, my one big ticket item would be a helmet. I saw this guy and it caught my eye. It is a Carrera, a Italian brand I had never seen. It incorporates aluminum somehow in its construction. And its got spoilers just like those cool fast and the furious cars.

Here is the catch. We were on a serious time constraint. We were in Sorrento as a day trip as part of a cruise. So to get back on the ship, we had to be back for the bus.

Seeing as how we got lucky with the bus situation, we figured our best bet was to walk it out.

Well, it was more like a power walk. The nice thing about the place was the intense signage. Most corners had a ton of arrow signs, and town center was always there. We made it back quicker than it took to get out there in the first place.

So ya. I was pretty bummed till I found out she was safe.

I hope I dont forget this lesson.

Giro d Ghetto - Stage 6 - FIN!!!!!!!!

Stage 6 - Flat TT


I start getting my things together for the final race, and I cant find my helmet...

I realize that I must have left it at the bar after stage 5. I was kinda bummed that I got drunk (enough) to pull some beginner stuff like that.

I call Liberty and see if they have it. No dice. I even went by to go look under the tables in the back. No dice.

I call thyneighbor and ask (through tears) if he has a helmet I could borrow. Yes dice.

I go out there pretty early after cruising by the liberty. I sit and finish drying my eyes.

Soon enough, the big W shows up to my surprise/horror.

I relay my helmet saga to him. I managed to hold back the tears, and W offered me a brew which also helped.

W is a class act and offered some awesome help. Thanks bud.

BD shows up. I ask him if anyone we were hanging out with mentioned a lost helmet. Yes dice!

A sweet samaritan saw it and picked it up. Thanks!!

Turns out the drinky drinky had nothing to do with it. I left it outside after race, but before the relaxin.

Now to the racin.

It was a good course that started out east near 183 and ended at creekside.

Lady luck wasnt on my side, and I dont even know what I placed in the stage, but I somehow managed to win....

2nd Place in the 2009 Giro d' Ghetto!!!

I am really really very very happy with this.

W simply murdered. The great thing is that he made everyone elevate their game. He did for me at least.

The variety and class of racer of this year's race was impressive and just awesome.

This race series has proved to be one of the coolest things I have done in this city.

Anyone who did all the races should feel a good amount of accomplishment. It was hard. It took commitment. We had fun on the bike. We had fun off the bike. Good stuff.

In talking to BD I learned he got some help making this great thing happen. Thanks folks!!!

This series has me feeling strong and has stoked the fire. This is good. I have a serious(ish) road race ill be going to when I visit my parents soon.

What a week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giro d Ghetto - Stage 5

Long miles.

Here is my story, and I'm sticking to it.................because its actually true.

I left my house around 2pm that day. I had a few errands to do and was planning to hang out with a friend for a bit.

Basically, I ended up hanging out quite a bit and the rain started getting worse.

It was 7pm when I began talking myself out of going to the rain for practical and safety reasons.

I stalled.

730pm rolls around and thyneighbor calls and asks if im gonna make it out. I say im a toss up.

I was sure I didnt have time to go home and get my road bike. I really didnt want to risk crashing my road bike anyhow.

815pm comes up and I decide just to go out there on my cross bike in my commuting gear.

The course was nice. Some eastside action. Total millage was in the mid 30s.

In the first lap, W.1, R, and myself worked hard for some separation from the field.

It payed off. We remained a group of three till the end.

It was hard working together though. Conditions were gross. Drafting got you a face of road spray.

In the end, W.1 outkicked us. I ended up with second.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thats Big Tex on left and Steven Roche on right

That morning, I was texting thyneighbor talking about what the ride would be like.

He was thinking a casual stroll round the metro, I was feeling that it was gonna be a slight leg stretcher.

Since I have under-dressed before, I donned the roadie cyclist-way.

I was in luck, it was a formal affair after all.

We started at MJ's and rode east, heading out of town.

The statesman says around 100 people showed up.

Even in the city the pace was not exactly casual (for non-roadies).

We went out east heading towards the old Tuesday Nighter course. That is where lance did quite a bit of his training at some point.

Mr. Steven Roche is a class act. The man was greeting and chatting up any and everyone. Kinda hard to understand with the serious (and cool) accent, but he was nice and looked to be having a good time. Before today I wouldn't have been able to recognize him. I have heard him mentioned whenever a new Irishman comes to prominence.

Being on the old race course got people a little antsy in the pantsy. Some attacking and pace quickening went on. Good stuff. Riding pace with 2 cycling greats*, when is that gonna happen again?

People had been dropped throughout the ride. See D's account. hehe

The funny business on the nighter course whittled it down to 10-15 people finishing the 50 miles together.

Lance took off, but Mr. Roche hung around and did autographs.

*You can be great at something and still be a jerk or worse. Im just sayin...

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is in no way an endorsement

Ride with Americas twitter sensation!!!!

Stage 4

Fun stuff.

No stage podium, but I'm still tied for second in the GC with EC.

The knee felt good, but I am really glad there is a rest day Friday.

There was a mental bug that I couldn't shake.

During my knee testing, I managed to pull out of my pedal.

I increased the tension at home and even more at the race.

During my first race with a "serious" dude, he pulled out of his pedal at the start, and I pulled out like 20 feet after him.

It could be that I am twisting my foot unknowingly during these high torque situations.

In any event, I had just as much fun watching and cheering.

There was one slight-grudge (re)match. Amazing race. Closest race a human eye could possibly judge.

Saturday and Sunday are going to be important, and slightly more up my alley than the last 2 races.

Sure, a overall podium would be pretty bad ass, but I'm hungry for a stage now.

photo from ............................I promise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess whos back (3x)

Hey young world... the world is yours
Hey young world... the world is yours
Young world young world... the world is yours
Young wo-ah-huh-huh-huh-urld

This rap here... it may cause concern its
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Love mean happiness... that once was strong
But due to society... even thats turned wrong
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Have you forgotten... who put you on this earth?
Who brought you up right... and who loved you since your birth?
Reward is a brainwashed kid goin wild
Young little girls already have a child
Bad company... hey, now youve been framed
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Youre ruining yourself... and your mommy cant cope
Hey, little kids dont follow these dopes
Heres a rule for the non cool... your life, dont drool
Dont be a fool like those that dont go to school
Get ahead... and accomplish things
Youll see the wonder and the joy life brings
Dont admire thieves... hey they dont admire you
Their times limited, hardrocks too
So listen, be strong, scream whoopee-doo
Go for yours, cause dreams come true
And youll make your mommy proud... so proud of you too
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Hey young world, the world is yours
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Yo peep this

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Yo peep this...
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La-di! da-di! la-di! da-di! (repeat 2x)
It seems to still work.

Not cool, not smart

Got another injury to deal with.

After the race, a slow flat creeped up on me. Slow enough for me not to notice it before taking a sharp(ish) turn. Front wheel left me, and my right knee was utilized as a crumple zone.

It hurts.

Not bad enough for me to throw in the towel.


I am a mere minutes away from taking my bike out for a little knee testing.

Oh yea, stage 3 race report: I suck at alleycats. 8th.