Monday, October 5, 2009

Giro d Ghetto - Stage 6 - FIN!!!!!!!!

Stage 6 - Flat TT


I start getting my things together for the final race, and I cant find my helmet...

I realize that I must have left it at the bar after stage 5. I was kinda bummed that I got drunk (enough) to pull some beginner stuff like that.

I call Liberty and see if they have it. No dice. I even went by to go look under the tables in the back. No dice.

I call thyneighbor and ask (through tears) if he has a helmet I could borrow. Yes dice.

I go out there pretty early after cruising by the liberty. I sit and finish drying my eyes.

Soon enough, the big W shows up to my surprise/horror.

I relay my helmet saga to him. I managed to hold back the tears, and W offered me a brew which also helped.

W is a class act and offered some awesome help. Thanks bud.

BD shows up. I ask him if anyone we were hanging out with mentioned a lost helmet. Yes dice!

A sweet samaritan saw it and picked it up. Thanks!!

Turns out the drinky drinky had nothing to do with it. I left it outside after race, but before the relaxin.

Now to the racin.

It was a good course that started out east near 183 and ended at creekside.

Lady luck wasnt on my side, and I dont even know what I placed in the stage, but I somehow managed to win....

2nd Place in the 2009 Giro d' Ghetto!!!

I am really really very very happy with this.

W simply murdered. The great thing is that he made everyone elevate their game. He did for me at least.

The variety and class of racer of this year's race was impressive and just awesome.

This race series has proved to be one of the coolest things I have done in this city.

Anyone who did all the races should feel a good amount of accomplishment. It was hard. It took commitment. We had fun on the bike. We had fun off the bike. Good stuff.

In talking to BD I learned he got some help making this great thing happen. Thanks folks!!!

This series has me feeling strong and has stoked the fire. This is good. I have a serious(ish) road race ill be going to when I visit my parents soon.

What a week.


  1. Fuck yeah!!! congrats on the second place finish. Even though, I know I wouldn't have done anywhere near as good as you, I wish I could have raced….. sucks having a job that won't allow me to race

  2. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome man, knew you would podium.