Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Saddle, New Saddle.

I have been not looked forward to this day.

I am shelving a old friend.

Even worse, it is an old friend gifted to me by an old friend.

Here it what it looked like just after picked:

Selle San Marco Aspide Arrowhead gel

Mr. MA, my bike wrench/philosophy sensei, gave me me this saddle quite a few years ago. Man I hate to think, but maybe 4-5. Thanks man, she has served me very very well.

It was my first real deal well made race worthy saddle.

I loved it from day one.

It has been on 3 bikes. Two road bikes and a cross bike.

I was impressed how it held up to my cross remount learning curve.

I have progressed much on this saddle, put thousands of miles on this saddle, suffered on this saddle, and been filled with joy on this saddle.

Call me a weirdo, but I kinda have a connection with this saddle.

Big thanks to D-Bone for his photo skills.
Plug: He is now doing quinceaneras.

She is not dead yet. I've rubbed through some sections and gel is starting to peek out.

I figured she should go out in style. Maybe a long/foreign bike tour. Maybe She will make an appearance for a big race, if they ever allow me in one...

Here is my new throne:

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  1. That's a sexy new saddle ya' got there ;-) It's probably best to retire the beloved saddle before it disintegrates anyway so you can still at least hang it on your wall for nostalgic value.