Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thats Big Tex on left and Steven Roche on right

That morning, I was texting thyneighbor talking about what the ride would be like.

He was thinking a casual stroll round the metro, I was feeling that it was gonna be a slight leg stretcher.

Since I have under-dressed before, I donned the roadie cyclist-way.

I was in luck, it was a formal affair after all.

We started at MJ's and rode east, heading out of town.

The statesman says around 100 people showed up.

Even in the city the pace was not exactly casual (for non-roadies).

We went out east heading towards the old Tuesday Nighter course. That is where lance did quite a bit of his training at some point.

Mr. Steven Roche is a class act. The man was greeting and chatting up any and everyone. Kinda hard to understand with the serious (and cool) accent, but he was nice and looked to be having a good time. Before today I wouldn't have been able to recognize him. I have heard him mentioned whenever a new Irishman comes to prominence.

Being on the old race course got people a little antsy in the pantsy. Some attacking and pace quickening went on. Good stuff. Riding pace with 2 cycling greats*, when is that gonna happen again?

People had been dropped throughout the ride. See D's account. hehe

The funny business on the nighter course whittled it down to 10-15 people finishing the 50 miles together.

Lance took off, but Mr. Roche hung around and did autographs.

*You can be great at something and still be a jerk or worse. Im just sayin...

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  1. wow, so i gather no one kept up with Big A?

    hmm, i wish i could have gone.