Monday, October 5, 2009

Giro extras

Cool pics from a friend.

Now that I can count my chicken, I'd like to share why this helmet is important to me.

This bad boy came back with me from Sorrento Italy. Me and my brother spent a day hunting down a bike shop. We did this with four Italian words and a sense of adventure. We hopped on a city bus, got help from nice folks, and walked endlessly, but we found it.

I knew before the trip, my one big ticket item would be a helmet. I saw this guy and it caught my eye. It is a Carrera, a Italian brand I had never seen. It incorporates aluminum somehow in its construction. And its got spoilers just like those cool fast and the furious cars.

Here is the catch. We were on a serious time constraint. We were in Sorrento as a day trip as part of a cruise. So to get back on the ship, we had to be back for the bus.

Seeing as how we got lucky with the bus situation, we figured our best bet was to walk it out.

Well, it was more like a power walk. The nice thing about the place was the intense signage. Most corners had a ton of arrow signs, and town center was always there. We made it back quicker than it took to get out there in the first place.

So ya. I was pretty bummed till I found out she was safe.

I hope I dont forget this lesson.

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