Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The alternative becomes the real deal...

So when D and I (mostly D) starting knocking around this idea of holding home grown cross races, the idea was to provide a replacement for when the Derby gets canceled.

A funny thing happened after the first two weeks of doin' this 'thang...

I started hoping for the derby to get canceled.

We've got some serious cross fun and racin' going on here folks.

Thy Neighbor's Alleycats are amazing.

Where to start?

Location! It has been actually possible and safe to "ride to race". I have much fun meeting up and riding out to the courses.

Straight chillin' atmosphere. Im the type of crosser that likes to drink beer before (and maybe even during) racing. Thats just me.

Heres a biggie... Ability to ride in the rain/mud. You know, I think its kinda goofy that races have been canceled because of rain. I kinda thought that was part of the game/fun, or thats what the internet has tricked me into believing. Hey, I know it is the characteristics of the venue, but maybe its time for a change.

The mud makes for so much damn fun and creates some real technicality. Last night, the mud pits (yes THREE) were changing character every single lap. You really had to be on your toes to make it through there with speed.

Cost: 5 bones or donation of a bike related item to the prize pool. Thats some serious value.

Competition. The spectrum is run out there. It is amazing. It is the most sweetly painful 35 minutes of feeling very alive.

I just feels right.

keep checking or bugging Thy Neighbor for his rundown and amazing pictures.


  1. someone needs to let me borrow a 50cm after nov 1 and i am all over it. the worst i can do is fall in the mud. and stay there.

  2. If only I'd known what I was missing for the last month of rain... Looks like the Derby is on for next week, though.