Friday, October 2, 2009

Stage 4

Fun stuff.

No stage podium, but I'm still tied for second in the GC with EC.

The knee felt good, but I am really glad there is a rest day Friday.

There was a mental bug that I couldn't shake.

During my knee testing, I managed to pull out of my pedal.

I increased the tension at home and even more at the race.

During my first race with a "serious" dude, he pulled out of his pedal at the start, and I pulled out like 20 feet after him.

It could be that I am twisting my foot unknowingly during these high torque situations.

In any event, I had just as much fun watching and cheering.

There was one slight-grudge (re)match. Amazing race. Closest race a human eye could possibly judge.

Saturday and Sunday are going to be important, and slightly more up my alley than the last 2 races.

Sure, a overall podium would be pretty bad ass, but I'm hungry for a stage now.

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  1. Solid riding for sure yesterday! You were looking fast.