Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a feelin' Brian would be up to something this week.

Name: Cross Club #10 aka The Noah's Ark Race

Date: 4/30/2009 (That's this Thursday!)
Time: 8 pm
Start/finish: Lamar Ped Bridge
Distance: In the 10-18 mile range
Cost: $5
Prizes: Yes
Slop: God, I hope so.
Advice for homework: Know the Shoal Creek trail. KNOW IT. I'm done holding hands, my friends. Time to step it up.
Added Bonus: A copy of Cyclocross Magazine to the first 20 attendees - spectators and racers.

And then...

Name: Cross Club #11 aka The first one with barriers
Date: 5/3/2009 (That's this Sunday)
Time: 6 pm
Start/finish: Undisclosed at this time - likely NOT at the ped bridge
Distance: Probably "sprint" distance. That does not mean drag racing, just probably short and vicious.
Cost: $5
Prizes: Probably so.
Slop: Should be a total nightmare if it really T-Storms for the rest of the week. At least it will be warm-ish. hehe
Advice: Get a lot of sleep and carb up. I'm throwing a wrench in the works this time. It's time to see what everyone's really got.

p.s. I think will be hitting up town lake trail a few times this week (at night, around 9) to get some riding in and work on my mounts. Anyone want to join in? I think I may start tonight.


  1. count me in for some town lake rides this week. tonight im busy but tomorrow im down.

  2. I went last night, good time, many a puddle to splash through.

    Today I wont be out there unless it rain comes down around 5-6, which would fuck up the Tuesday nighter.

  3. nice. it looks like its done rainin today but give me a ring at 9172256820 if you head out tomorrow night.