Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catch up 1 - Wrenching

During the cyclebum golden years, I wrote about the closing of Discovery/Big Wheel Cycles and the great times I had there.

I really missed having a part time wrench job and not having a "bat cave" to do race prep at.

Now, I am back at it. Now, its my job job. At this very moment, I am somewhat of a freelance mechanic. I work at more than one shop while not having a schedule anywhere. I get calls when I am needed. For the past few months it has been about 4-6 days a week of wrenching. I enjoy making bicycles operate well. I see the immediate impact on the machine I am working on. People are stoked to get their rec. bike back or relieved to be mobile again. The people I work with and encounter at shops enrich my life.

I am learning. I am paying attention to much more than wrenching. The biz.

There will be a day where I have my own Broadway show.

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