Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belated MLK post

It was on MLK day that I decided to start this thang. Because I'm a procrastinator and I didn't (and still don't) know how the hell to blog, I'm posting about it now.

After gettin' my pre-ride espresso on at Joe's, I headed north on congress towards the capitol and UT.

When I got to the capitol I ran into a protest or something.

Wanting to see just how many people were involved, I went to the front of the action. For a second, I figured it was some huge party at the moon tower.
It wasn't. The moto cop informed me it was the annual MLK day march. Every cause imaginable seemed to be represented.

Rolling on to campus, I cruised by the MLK statue and said yo.

And although it was not his day, I said que onda to my man Cesar Chavez

Heading back north, I cross the mighty Colorado via the mopac pedestrian bridge.

Ahhhhhhh. Highway 360. The place to put the skinny tire down.

360 Bridge

Whoa!!!! Theres people up there! Man i need to find out how to get up there. I better wait till I am without steel cleats and carbon soles.

After a good ride should follow a good beer. That night it turned out to be New Belgium 1554. And since it was pint night and ye olde Gingerman Pub, i finnally got the globe glass I've wanted for a while.

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