Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New gear♦

Yesterday I got some new gear in.

Recently I read how many skin products have shit called parabens. Supposedly some sketchy chemical. So after running out of the stuff I've been using, I ordered paraben-free sunscreen, chap stick, and chamois cream.

I went with Kinesys sunscreen and lip stuff. Both are spf 30, fragrance free, and funky chemical free. I also like that it is a non-aerosol spray.

DZ Nuts is going to be my junk protector. This chamois cream is made for and by Dave Zabriskie of all natural plant derived stuff. Dave seems to be a level headed and funny mofo, I can support that.

I also had to replace the Salsa gloves I lost a week or so ago.

I was happy with how warm the Salsa were, but I had issue with their fit and bulk. I'm giving Spenco Cold snap gloves a try. We should be in the 30s again tomorrow, so I'll find out what they are all about soon.

A few weeks ago I did an alleycross race and had a ball. I did it on my 29er single speed. I felt my fat ass tires were dragging me down, so I'm gonna slap on some real-deal cross tires the next time around. Of course, I went with Kenda. I'll take this opportunity to say I really like Kenda tires. They make quality tires for all disiplines from 15$ commuter tires to race tires that stay at or below the 50$ mark. I use Kalientes on the road and small block 8s on my 29er.

Ride on.

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