Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I solemnly swear to give at least a 3/4ers-assed attempt at keeping this thing rolling.

Now then, with all apologies in place, lets continue.

Lets go back in time to the breaking' in of the dirt derby.

'Twas ladies night.

They advertised that any dudes that suffered the trials and tribulations of racing in women's cl0thes would have free race entry.

Since we are poor, and can be described as "something else", me and D-town got down with the drag. D looked very much like daisy from "dukes", and I went classy with my LittleBlackDress.

Nothing says class like chugging a beer and stuffing the can in your top...

The dress performed well. Pulled a 2nd and a 4th place in the races that night.

At the time, I thought we were being kinda subversive, but it turned out our antics were entertaining, and well received. Awesome!

Next week the derby was rained out, and the first OG Kross event went down.

That race was memorable in that JM blew me out of the water (super impressive mid attack), and I broke B for the first time.

JM carried that good ride on over to the TXBRA Wurst cross race where he took a sick 4th in a deep field.

That day I felt like all the boogers I usually store in my nose, migrated to my lungs, big whoop, I'm not a wiener like Mark Cavendish.

I rode hard, a little stupid, but learned a whole lot and had a great time.

I learned that gloves are a very good idea, and that sometimes you have to sacrifice a little air pressure for a very bumpy course.

The race was fun all around, costumes, great bbq, beer, and a nice course with a run along the comal(?) river.

Ok, now were back at the derby.

This was the day we realized we were not cross outlaws, but cross explorers.

Last time was the first DD hand-down, and this time I managed the first hand-up which seemingly opened up a flood gate of beer hand-ups,downs,and sideways'.

Alright, awesome!

And then...
Another derby first!


Well, there were some deep ruts out on the course. It was not a well lit area, but I knew they were there. At some point, I saw a opportunity to pass. Instinct took over, and I neglected my brain telling me that I can't pass if I crash...
Not smart, but more learned.

Because it was a first, Matt at Hammer Head bicycles offered to do the build for free. Very cool guys, very cool.

Because I had ants in my pants, as well as a rim and hub in waiting, I got around to building a front wheel.

I had delayed building it because the particular spoke length needed is very hard to find, at least in the particular spoke I prefer. In fact, I think they are out of production.

On a whim I decided to start calling shops to see if they would have this 276mm double butted spoke. I call BSS first. They have been around for a while and are enormous. They had it....


It was an older box for sure. Im familiar with the past few years of boxes, this one was a little older.

Very cool. Time to build functional art.



That wheel was a world series baby.


Here is Matts art: I reused my hub and had another rim in waiting.



See this hub? It has a billion miles on it. Its been on three bikes, it rolls as smooth as day one. It is a DT Swiss 340. I can recommend this hub.


Whoa! We are caught up it seems. Had a great ride out to 360. Man, fall in Austin is some quality conditions.


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