Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A real deal race report

So ya, the Derby was hoping to go on, but It was realized around 2pm that it was just not gonna happen.

The cancellation was announced and I went hard to work on a flyer...

og cross

Despite the late call, we still had a good crowd.


EI raised the spectator bar to a crazy level.


He brought the crowd a case of Victoria beer imported from Mexico itself.


On top of that, he offered to keep track of the racers which allowed this dude right here to race.

Alright, lets get on with the report.

Barriers were back in action. This time they were placed in a slow section just after a pair of mud crossings.

We did the le mans style start with D-town calling a surprise "go".

I'm of the opinion that a strong start is crucial in a cross race.

I'd like to think I have a pretty good one. Ive noticed I have a bit of an usual mount. Most do a few short steps and jump on. I seem to run a whole lot more to a higher speed before mounting. Anyhow it seems to work.

Yesterday was my first race on new tires. Both were skinny and fast rolling Michelins. And by skinny and fast I really mean sketchy, a little loose, and FAST.

Big EC also has a killer start. He and I went real hot on the first half lap. With the new tires and good start, I had some fun drift action going.

The first time under the bridge was surprising. I was expecting it to be much more soft, so I took it easy to spy the line.

At this point EC and I were together with a nice gap until 3rd.

At the start of the third lap, I noticed B's light was getting way too close for my comfort. Coming off a couple seconds rest behind EC, I went for an attack on the straight section before the bridge section.

It came time to test that line. I went under the bridge pretty hot cutting that column sharp.

I hate (kinda) to blow my horn, but I own that section.

Coming off the section I look back to see EC dropping off and that B wasn't able to cover the attack.

I was really hurting after turning off the burners. Passing by the start/finish, I yell out to EI "how much time". He yells "16".

Man...still half the race to go, and I feel that if I don't hold this attack, B or EC would have a good chance at popping me at the line or the final straight.

I dig down. I've been in this position once before at a Tuesday nighter.

It is not easy keeping a fast pace with no one to chase, but I feed on my desire to not only win, but win convincingly.

With every lap, my gap grew a little till the end. It was a good victory.

EC was very gracious. Hes a good dude. He is most definitely an OG in the alley cross world.

Ive been doing these things since last winter with BDs races. EC was one of the first "serious" racers to add more legitimacy to urban cyclo-cross in Austin. His murderous rampage got guys like me really excited about cross. Chasing him made me faster, taught me a lot, and made my introduction to "legit" cross races less of a shock.

Respect EC, respect.

1st - The bum
2nd - EC
3rd - DS



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