Monday, January 4, 2010


A century each way.

Sleep in San Antonio.

Not sure about the roads, but something like this. Lunch in Blanco.


  1. there are much better ways to get to SA than 290 and 281. Try taking Old San Antonio road to Buda, then Jack C Hays/ Stagecoack/ co rd 136/co rd 140 to San Marcos...Hunter rd/ fm 1102 to New Braunfels...then take Landa st out of town, work your way over to fm 482, then Old Nacadoches road all the way into SA.

  2. Nice route.Ive done the San Marcos leg a few times. Sounds like it would be shorter though. I like the idea of a 200 mile trip. If it is more scenic and/or safe, it will be on my list for sure. Any idea of the mileage?

    Thanks again for the route.

  3. 71 is not bike friendly. No shoulders at all for most of it, high speed traffic ...

    I don't remember how 281 is.

    Anonymous's route is probably better. If you want a full century, just make a little side trip somewhere.

  4. yeah, it's closer to 90 miles each length depends where you're headed in SA too...i would'nt ride for any distance on 290, 71 or observation is that about one out of 5 cars is driven by someone who is either on their phone or looking at their phone...just play the odds and stick to the routes where you'll see a car every minute or two as opposed to one every second or two...and those cars will be going 50-60 mph, instead of 70-80 mph.

    wanna go to lockhart for bbq this weekend? dirt roads may be involved.

  5. Good points taken. Thanks for the route again.

    I am like 85% go for a lockhart bbq ride.

    Lets talk details and such.