Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I tried to meet up with some mojos for a all single speed ride.

I entered Zilker and was going to ride to an access point 30 min (at cyclebum speed) into the belt.

Ten minutes into the trail, I knew I had a slow leak. I figured since I had slime, a few pumps and all would be good.

I ended up having to pump up like 4 or 5 times and missed the ride.

At that point, I figured I would just patch that thing and enjoy my solo ride.

Well, my whole tire/tube was slimed up, and it was a bitch getting the slime clean and out of the way.

Also, it is hard to get stuff clean when all of your clothes are soaked with sweat.

The glue wasn't behaving normally, and I ended up wasting a patch.

Then, my pump fails.

The rubber insert that creates the seal, tore.

Now I had no pump.


I was stranded near Specs.

Time to do what every bike commuter and "Ride to the Ride" proponent hates, call to be picked up.

A friend was nice enough to pick me up, and I returned the favor with six Dogfish heads and some tasty looking bread sticks from specs.

Lessons learned:

1. Slimed tubes are a pain to patch in practical MTB situations.

2. I should have taken my trusty Lezyne pump. I didn't, because I could not find it in the rush I was in.

3. Organize my bike shit better

4. Always have a spare tube.

The Lezyne pump does not use a traditional pump head, but uses a flexible hose (stored in the body) with a screw on head that features a reliable and easily replaceable o-ring.

The flexible hose prevents valve/stem failures, a big plus.

Topeak makes some too, and should be easier to find than the Lezyne.

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