Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doing stuff

So last week/weekend my broski was in town to hang out and lend a hand with Cyclebum lair moving.

We did the Full moon ride and the Thursday ride. Here is the photo-ma-graphic evidence.

This past Sunday I also checked out Walnut Creek Park.

My mountain biking experienced is limited to the greenbelt.

I can have a reasonable "ride to the ride" and it is the "crown jewel" of central texas mountain biking.

A buddy and his girlfriend were going out, me and my brother joined in.

Was it fun? Yes.

Did I talk shit about it a little on Mojo? Yes.

Was that fun? Yes.

Will I make the extra effort it takes to get out there? Yes.

Do I think my cross bike will be at home there? Yes.

Anyhow, I didnt get this thing on my first try.

I also finally utilized the full 80 mm of my Reba on the powerline hill.

(not my video)

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  1. Man, that guy's Mac music video thing was the shit.