Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alleycross race report

Alright, now that my legs are completely healed, I can speak of the horrors that unveiled themselves on 9.22.09.

It all started around 3 am that day. I could hear the tap of rain. Unfortunately, those taps went on for hours.

Similar tapping went on at the Dirt Derby venue to the tune of 1.5 inches of rain by the morning. I put up a post on asking/poking for an update and to hint that another race may happen in place.

Around 8 that morning, the word was out. No Dirt Derby. And I already had my outfit!

Ironic. A cyclo cross race canceled because of too much rain. Well, its not the course that is the problem. It turns out that the parking lot utilizes some clay that makes it impossible for cars to leave.

The Dirt Derby folks put the notice up on their facebook page. I comment with a hint about a "black market" race.

J at atxbs was being an early bird that day as well, so I gave him the heads up and he was cool with helping us out too.

Now a little bit of stuff to convince D with, I contacted thy neighbor to see if we (and I mean 99% him) should get the ball rolling a little earlier than 2 hrs.

He agreed, and things got 'tworking.

Big ups to BD for the barrier hook up.

When I rolled up, I was impressed. Some serious bikes and serious looking jerseys. Excellent.

Oh ya, and there was D with his ballerina outfit with anatomically correct(ish) features. Hmm, wonder why no pics of that sight.

Photo from out, that guy has an itchy litigation finger.

The racin was fast from the get go. W (the dude that leaps like a gazelle) jumped out quick and I gave chase. I was on him good for about 2 laps. When we came around to the grass mounds, he took a spill. Smelling blood, I rushed for a remount and got my little black dress caught on the nose of my saddle. This resulted in a spectacular fall.

In the first lap though, C caught a bad his chain...

Soon, JM and B were closing in on me.

For the rest of the race we three would be changing places according to who dominated the various sections.

I was making my time in the area under the bridge. I was cutting some hard turns and getting the feel of how to pedal efficiently on that terrain.

Unfortunately, W got a flat in the closing laps.

In the last stretch I was actually leading, but B and JM murdered that section. Very nice attack fellas.

I gotta admit, my shits weak in that section. I need to figure it out.

Bottom line: This stuff is the real deal. Bad ass course with more potential. Well mixed terrain. Serious and not so serious competitors. Its a blast.

I hope we start getting some spectators though. Rosewood park has a pavilion conveniently located right next to the barrier section.

Cyclebum offer: If you don't have a good time, I owe you beer.

Plus, what other bad ass shit can you go see when the weather is cross worthy?

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