Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giro d Ghetto - Stage 2

Photo from www.thyneighborsbike.com. Paint-shop by myself.



Day started off with some pre-pre-race beer at Gingerman. The Marzen beers are in season, and Brooklyn brewing co. makes a damn good one.

We saw a little shrinkage in the race group, things were still serious.

The race was the good old fashion figure 8 course around TL.

W, EC, PJ, JM, W.1 and myself were the Major players.

JM started the game with some heat on the first leg and I joined in to get a little separation.

We did some serious work till the congress bridge.

That move grouped the major players together.

The barriers messed me up. I didn't stretch before (too busy hanging out and yaking away) and pulled some shit (I think the technical term is muscle).

This being a stage race, I tried to balance performance and preservation.

Anyhow, we kept it pretty hot, with JM falling off the back soon.

About two figure 8s in, W decides hes had enough bullshitting and books it.

We were now a chase group of four.

Some wanted to work together, some didn't.

I knew there was no reasonable chance of catching W.

I decided to work on positioning myself for a good sprint at the end.

Coming back from mopac, EC and I turned on the burners and found ourselves shoulder to shoulder at the final set of stairs before the sprint to the finish.

Remounts have been very good for me, but its a little hard with a groinular issue.

Still, EC and I were on our bikes round the same time and went for the sprint finish.

I was gaining quick near the line, but he had me in the end by less than a wheel.

Big ups EC, great last leg

Man, amazing racing.

If my abacus aided calculations are correct, this should put me in a tie for 2nd in the GC.

I feel that the alleycat may be a real game changer.

The saga continues...

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  1. i'll see ya at the alleycat. enjoy your rest day. tear it up, son!!!!!