Monday, September 28, 2009

Giro d Ghetto - Stage 1

Photo by my personal photographer: DL

Ya m'on!

Last time around in 06' I remember a smaller and just slightly different crowd.
I've got to say, there is some legit racing going on this week.
Any full finishers should be damn proud.

How to spend the day before a race? Certainly not "saving" myself for it, I did a brisk 50 miles southeast with the Sunday Austin flyers ride.

Then did a little beer drinking (with food) and went through all the Interbike Swag that my roommate hooked me up with.

I did get a little nap in and started getting ready to "do work" round 6ish.

Did my rituals and got sufficiently hyped up.

I got to the bridge on time like a total dork.

I was surprised to see the level of racer dudes there.

Had a few of my fellow cyclo-cross rabbits out there and other dudes that just looked fast as fast.

Some of these guys I had ridden with at at the ATC ride on Saturdays, which is a no joke, race pace, go fast type of ride.

Its cool, I'd rather be beat and grow than have less of a challenge.

The course was: ascend the south side, descend on the north till just before 2222, back to the top for the finish.

Now, I'm a little familiar with Bonnell. I've ridden 10-15 times. Although, I did recently start doing a little training for the Hugel, and rode Bonnell and Ladera late last week.


We roll out around 9ish to Mt. Bonnell.

We started at the big toe of the foot of Bonnell.

People were released 1 min apart, so I left about 3o min after the first person.

D happened to be right in front of me.

So, my ride...

I actually tried to be smart this race. I tried to manage myself and not blow up. I wanted to be consistent on both sides of Bonnell. The back side (north) is much tougher, and I think my pacing was relatively successful.

During my time trial, I caught D. Thanks homes, I go faster with a blinking red rabbit to chase!

Also, I managed to catch another rider on the final climb. Thanks dude, you really pushed me.

I finished strong, tired, but not destroyed.

Strong enough for 3rd!!!

...One second behind 2nd... When BD told me that, it was awesome (cuz the dude is faaasst) and horrible (looking where I could have made that second).

In the end, I'm super stoked.

My goal going in was to podium. Ive managed one stage, hope I can hold it to the final GC.

Ya, I suck with pictures right now. My camera is lame and getting worse, plus cool kids have nice cameras and take better pictures anyhow. I will try and borrow pics and update this 'thang.

See you tonight for the cross race!!!!

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