Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stage 3 tonight

Man I've been thinking quite a bit about today's race.

I am a bit of a thinking man, but when it comes to some things, like racing, I usually just gut it out.

For this stage race, it has required a bit of a mix.

Honestly, when I tweaked that muscle on the first lap of the cross race, I spent a few minutes contemplating maybe dropping out, or taking it easy and just finishing.

I went with a little more gut and stuck it out. I did better than I expected. I really thought PJ or W.1 had the potential to push me off the podium.

Anyhow, today's race will be tricky.

I've thought of a few different ways of approaching/attacking this race. I wont be able to make my final decision till I get all details on the bridge.

Very exciting, very interesting.

Cya you all out there at 8.

If you wanna drink beer and get a free glass while your at it, stop by Zax at 6pm. Summit Oktoberfest.

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