Sunday, September 13, 2009

Riding bikes in rain and mud

My buddy D has caught the cross bug. He came out to one of my workout things, and is generally enthusiastic about cross and it taking hold here in Austin.

We had been checking our emails and to check if a race would be called Friday/Saturday. No dice.

We talked, why not just call one our own?

I said, I worthless for organizing, but Ill be down 100% for a race.

Ill say, D is good at organizing.

He talked to BD and was able to borrow some barriers. Thanks BD.

This thing was called like 2 hours before meet time, but he got the word out good, and planned a damn good race and course for us freaks.

Anyhow, the vibe, race, and aftermath was great. More on that soon.

And if for some ridiculous reason you are reading this and haven't ever moseyed around in D's hood, do it now.

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