Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dirt Derby


That is some fun and competitive racing.

The course is a bit out there. I rode about 9/10 miles from my place. I actually got a flat about a mile from the course and had to do a quick fix.

The course is tough stuff. It is a moto cross park after all. Some serious sand. Deep ruts. Tall ramps. Good stuff.



So how'd I do??

In the intermediate race I placed 6th of 14.

Top half on a course I have no experience in. Good deal.

I also know what kind of training I need to do to simulate race tempo.

In the Open (fast) race I placed 7th of 11.

It doesn't really look like it, but I did WAY better in the second race. It is a tougher one.

Really, every lap got better and better. I started learning the lines. I began to learn and trust my tires.


I was given a nick name by the announcer...

Big Air (last name here)

Haha. Why?

Well. There is an enormous table top that you climb to get to the finish line.

I used the climb to advance a position, and ended up kinda popping a little air on the flat where the "officials" sit. The announcer commented on it.

Then, a few seconds later, I was cookin' it to create a gap between me and the dude I just passed.

I come up to some small table tops, and got a some authentic air (for a cross bike).

That sealed the deal.

Funny stuff.

Fun stuff.

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