Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day ale drinkers will not soon forget...

Around 6 pm, a rare phenomenon was witnessed.


Pint night at Zax


While there, my roommate and I were scared shitless by a lightning strike a few hundred feet away. Totally unexpected. I hadn't heard any strikes before, and didn't hear any after.


After months of delay, the new Gingerman opened on Wednesday.

I will admit, I was a little afraid to see it.

I was unsure if the amount of Ginger at the new location would be adequate...

Before entering, we paid homage to ye' olde' Gingerman.



The first thing I missed is the front porch/patio.

After entering, I felt a little better. The dart boards have moved to the right. There is still a seating area to the right as well.

The bar position is the same, with tables opposite the bar.

The biggest upgrade to the inside is a seating area near the back. It has a garage-type door that can be opened to allow access to the beer garden.

Although it was wet out, opening the door was nice for letting in fresh rain-smellin' air.

I did also notice the re-use of furniture, fixtures, and flair from the old place.

Now we get to the important part. The beer garden.

Its nice!

A little sterile, being a new place, but very nice. Pretty much like the old one, with one BIG plus.

No more trees for crows to have their evening time gang meetings while poop/peeing in your tall fresh pint of Maharajah IPA.



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  1. nice, but a true beer garden always has a tree, specifically a chestnut tree... it's tradition... too bad