Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The marshall of candy mountain and A song in the brain...

Another great day in life and Austin. The day started a little chilly, but I had a feeling it would reach my criteria for a perfect day. After looking cool through campus, we set our sights on the 360 bridge. The ride out there was great and a few moments were spent enjoying the sights and taking pics.


Doh!, we had a headwind on our way out as well.

No problem. A trip to candy mountain, aka auditorium shores park, aka "the hill" will balance things out.

Now this is where things get scary...

Make sure the kids are out of the room...

This place loved by all has a monster.

Where he came out of is a mystery.

Perhaps from the depths of the pond nearby, or maybe a cave in the side of the hill.

Anyhow, as soon as we started riding up the hill, he barked (in rapid succession like a machine gun) "No bikes on the hill! No bikes on the hill! No bikes on the hill!"

Apparently the sign nearby actually says no bikes. I don't mind being wrong. I just don't like people acting like jerks. It is not like we were speeding up the hill. There were no kids to be run over.

I asked, "are you the hill marshall?"

He replied, "maybe"

.....Not very forthcoming if he is a city employed/contracted monster.

My friend asked if he would take a picture with me by the sign.

Instead, he assaulted me while obstructing the sign.

Poor guy, he probably does not have a bike.

After regaining my balance from the blows to the head, we went through downtown to wrap things up.

A quality day.

A song in the brain...

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  1. I could have sworn I've torn down the "no bikes" sign at least once with my own hands.