Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More stuff.

On Sunday, an epic ride occurred. The plan was to do an intermediate level Jack & Adams ride, something I had never done. Let me just say, the riders I saw there were extremely...varied... As they often do, plans changed. We ended up riding a great route to San Marcos, a roughly 70 mile ride. The wind was not very encouraging on the way out there. Thankfully, the San Marcos river (and some Chinese food) were able to life our spirits.


Amazingly, our trio was able to restrain themselves and we avoided overeating.

The way back was a treat. The wind gave us a push the whole way. We had a couple nice long stretches of 30 mph pacing.

Great ride.

Oh ya. Cycle Fashion update! Casts are in!!!


Traveling with a bike is tough, but is usually very worth it.

Monday, I helped a friend pack up a bike for travel. I've done a fair share of bike packaging, but all have been for shipping via UPS/FedEX. This scenario would require the use of a rigid bike box.

The straps that came with the box were missing. I figured rope would be a quick replacement. We headed over to Breed & Co. (the one place near campus with hardware and candy) where my friend pointed out that bulk bungee cord would be cheap and likely better.

Closing the box can be a little tricky, but it all took less than an hour.


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