Monday, March 30, 2009

Was friday opposite day?

So after reading up on my blog list, it seems things were messier than I personally saw. Some say the cops are assaulting CM, and threatening light runners with insta-jail. Others say riders acted recklessly. Another hints, and perhaps the youtube video enforces, that this last CM may be the beginning of escalating police presence at future CMs.

As far as the red lights go. Riding in CM has its risks. You should be aware that riding in it does not immune you from a personal assault and/or law troubles.

Hows this for an idea. Actually obey the lights? If you've ever driven in a caravan you know you just have to sloooooow down and everyone will get back together.

At the very least, it will trip out the coppers and drivers. For me, that's worth it.

I saw this happen in London.

Or we can do what we do and accept the risks.

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  1. It wasn't quite that bad.

    Two arrested, two tickets.
    One threat to arrest cyclists for running red lights.

    The police cracked down on CM in Austin last decade -- it's quite a story, but it ended with the massers doing FOIA requests for the police's video footage and taking it to the city council, who put a stop to the crackdown.

    Perhaps it's the beginning of a crackdown, but it's too early to tell.

    And yes, I agree -- I'd prefer that people not run lights, and I dislike corking.