Monday, March 9, 2009

The longer story...

Ok time to spill the beans. So what happened was:

I was riding home from HEB on the northside sidewalk on Riverside. I was on my Panasonic commuter. I came to a crosswalk. The cross light was lit. I saw a car coming as I entered the crosswalk from the sidewalk. I slowed. I waved. I thought it was very clear that I had the right of way and that I was crossing. Apparently it was not clear. I got broadsided as the car turned north on Wickersham ln. Wheel destroyed. Bike has bad vibes and may be tweaked. I have a fracture in one of the bones in the wrist. I was so happy to be alive, without pain, and in shock. I berated the driver for a while, but didn't get info. I just wanted to get the fuck out of the worst situation in my life.

Oh ya. Doc said with the splint and soon to be cast, that I can still RIDE. WORD.

I cant imagine a better bone to fracture.

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