Monday, May 4, 2009

Cross Club

BD switched up the game and took us eastbound to the country club trails. In conversation with BD I had mentioned the CC trail as a possibility for a different course. I've used them before to get a quick ride in, or test out things on my trail bike. The web of trails makes for many possibilities, and BD setup a nice one on Sunday. Actually it was kick ass. I really liked that there was a little climbing section, but also a fast and flat part. Also, barriers were set up for the first time.

The field was strong. About half way in we had whittled a foursome out of the starting group. I noticed that people were taking it a little easy on the flat just after the barriers, so I decided to shake things up. With about 3-4 laps to go, I did a little hammer dropping. My lack of grace had me fishtailing past the group. I created a gap, and noticed we had dropped one of the four. At the hairpin turn, the three of us regrouped. The attack was a success! I was a good feeling. Then followed a bad feeling. The type of feeling that tells you that you are flatting.


Also, someone said my remount "bound" is reminiscent of a gazelle.


My dismounts need work. Those cats can dismount at some pretty ridiculous speeds.

Also, I must give props to the homeboy on the Masi. While he is not "competitive" with the "fast" people, he is the best competitor out there. He comes out every time, and he tries hard. I hear this cross club torture is reaping him benefits in the alleycats around town. Nice. Hell move up the ranks in cross soon.

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