Thursday, May 21, 2009

Im back homies....

Now then lets see what has gone on these past few days.

I guess ill chime in on the little whoop-la about the Social ride's sidewalkedness. I very very rarely ride sidewalks, but I don't mind it at all when with that great group. And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday I did the Mellow Johnny's ride. The route was really nice. South on Mopac, West on Southwest parkway, north on 71, back towards town on Bee Caves and Loop 360.

There was a little side loop that was really awesome. Tight turns and steepish short hills. Very "scenic", if you will.

Speed was a little faster than the Jack and Adam's Sunday ride. The J&A ride is an excellent introduction to group road riding. Plus they have tacos and coffee after.

I am working on grand post describing the various road rides in the area. I will include things like speed, length, route terrain, size, "character" of participants, and most important, fun.

Monday was down right fall-like.

Started the day off with a friend (not the bike, shes more than a friend) and coffee at Mozart's.

Then I rode up to Mt. Bonnell. I love the descent on the North side of Mt. B road.

I rode again that evening. I was going to check out the Nelo's shop ride. It was news to me that they had moved, and I arrived late. They had left, so I did a few loops on shoal creek and great northern. Every time I passed by the ball fields on northern I felt like I finally did. I munched some nachos, and watched the little dudes do their thing for a bit.

It is pretty rare that I ride south on shoal creek without stopping at Draught House. Turns out Monday is porter and stout night. Either is 2 bucks. Nice conclusion to an evening ride.

Later that night, I met a gentlemen by the name of Takeshi

Tuesday I was supposed to meet up with D-dog from for the Ridazzz ride. I was going to head there straight from a time obligation (work), but I am irresponsible and didn't have my ID with me. I went home to hunt for it and got a call that they were heading to the ped bridge.

I boogied on over in time to see the warriors roll by. Soon we were at Barton springs saloon where clowndog? hooked up the whole crew up with high lifes. Thanks.

I was convinced that Wednesday would be the last super nice day until October. It started with the Early morning coffee ride at 7am. I will say, once over coffee is pretty choice. My latte was meticulously brewed, artfully poured, and very very good.

The group was small. First 7, then 5, then 4, then 3.

In time this thing will grow. There are plenty of good coffee places. Maybe they will mix in a bakery stop....maybe a Mexican bakery stop. Marranitos....mmmmmm.

Then It was off to San Marcos. Its a 75 mile round trip from my door.


Animals seen alive:

Dairy Cow
Weird bird with a scissor tail
Baller ass Hawk
standard buzzard thing

Animals seen dead:


The ride out there is nice, but this time I had an actual goal. My dearest Mother sent up some sunglasses with a friend, so I met up with her to pick them up.


These babys came with clear lenses so I don't grind away my eyeball at the next cross club race.

Wednesday was also a very special pint night at Zax. It featured various Belgian ales. These guys usually ring in around 8-9 percent and have distinct characters.

They had a nice info sheet there.

Now it is about 7:00, time for the Social Cycling ATX Thursday ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. People were worrying about using the sidewalks? I must have missed that hoopla. I'd rather take them on busy roads and not die. And the Pease Park one is so lovely. :)

  2. Oops sorry, above from Heather.