Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flat day + Ladies race

I woke up today with little time to spare. I did my tire check with 10 min. till I HAD to leave. Cross bike lazy to fix it right now......screw it ill take the roadie. The roadie is flat.

Ill just have to fix the cross bike.

Cross bike fixed, im out.

Halfway to my destination, I sense some mush. I hop the rear to check, yup a flat. I had no flat equipment because I was in a hurry and thought it was way too improbable to get another flat so soon.

I NEEDED to be on time.

It was too early to bother friends, so I flagged a taxi that happened by.

My taxi driver was cool about the bike. Turns out hes from Colombia, turns out hes educated in economics and pursuing a graduate degrees, not sure what level. Having an eco degree myself, we talked about the doom and gloom that the future may hold.

A weird and fortunate encounter.

Got there on time.

Turns out the other tire also got a flat. The first was glass, this one was wire.

Fix them both, and check out the finish of the ladies ride.


Amazing turn out. Very impressed. It looks like it was a blast. There was a crew there shooting video. It looked a little serious, I mean they had a sound guy.

So I go back to my bike........FLAT.


I don't know the culprit yet, I'm afraid I will take my anger out on it and leave its children with out a parent.


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  1. yeah dude it sucks we still haven't met. i'm sure i saw you there and didn't get a chance to say hi.

    sorry about all your flats. i have that kind of luck too. i went through about 10 700c tubes in about 2 weeks one time. i think the bike shop thought i was retarded or hording them for the 'doom and gloom at the end of the world'


    see ya thursday, yo