Friday, May 1, 2009

Cyclebum endorsement!

The cyclocross bike:

It has proved to be a purchase that has provided the most utility per dollar than anything else.

It is the best commuter ever.

Road bikes are not tough enough for my style of commuting.

Other bikes are just not fast enough.

You could do some real road riding if you slap some slick 23's on.

I've even done a criterium on mine.

You can ride a few of the local MTB trails on a cross bike. It will have to be slow going, but you'll definitely learn how to pick a line...

Oh ya, then comes cyclocross races.

This shit is fun.

So everyone is wearing spandex... Get over it!

Its functional yo!

A running mount with anything baggie is a scary proposition.

I left some grated cyclebum on the trail this week while practicing mounts.

I can whole heartily recommend this vehicular:


And with less than 100% of my heart, also recommend this bike:


Its the first of the month, blow that paycheck to hell

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