Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Full moon ride + Bike Polo

This past Saturday was a big fun Full Moon Ride. I wish it were more of a cruise, but there are a few sides to the story. The route was awesome, and the stops were killer. Stops were hidden from prying eyes, and shielded from sensitive ears. Very cool. But it was not a cruise. Some cool people on some cool bikes were really working to keep up. I did a little SOS action with my NiteRider light at the first stop to get the attention of a big group that was far separated from the head.

Things did stick together better after the first stop. Im sure the rush was beer related.

I understand there was a couple of crashes and a few flats. That sucks.

In total, very fun. I am very excited about the Moon tower cruise coming soon!



Admittedly, I used to think bike polo was kinda goofy. Like this guy:

Nonetheless, I figured it would be an entertaining venue to drink beer and what not so I went to check it out.

Fellow bloggers thyneighborsbike.com and onelescar.blogspot.com where out there playin' and hangin'.

Bike polo is the real deal. Some of these guys are good with hockey-like moves and strikes. There is serious bike-handling and balancing skills going on. I can definitely see how playing can increase your skill on other bikes and terrain.

Watching is a ton of fun too. One of the guys had a mobile IPod PA thing with a pretty good playlist. People need to discover this. Harris Park is nice with all the trees and shiz.

Here some of my pics. For actual photo quality pictures, check out thyneighborsbike.com. Check out les' vid also!


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