Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Ill be using that dumb ass thing on the right side to update the stops on today's ride.


  1. so someone had some...late night fun last night! sorry i missed out! i did the driveway crit and was passed out by 11pm. see, road bikes will be the early old-age'ing for me (?!)

    i should stick to singlespeeds...

  2. Thats awesome. Ive been out to the driveway, superfun. Ya last night was a ton of fun. Post to follow soon. Coming out to the full moon ride??

  3. i'll be there! i need a super cool flower costume to be recognizable though....hmm and i haven't figured out what bike i will ride yet...

    look for me with a black chrome bag with pins on the back and a aqua helmet.

    come watch and support the side saddle too! i'm racing my fixie! woo!