Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A most satisfying second place...

was had at the Tuesday Nighter.

On the second lap, some dude with a power meter kicked it up a notch. Bro was hoss. I rode side by side with him till the end of the lap, around 8 miles. He dropped me on the first hill on the second lap. I chilled for around a minute to wait for the pack to catch up. There is a part of the circuit that I really like. Its a slight downhill. Long and flat. Nice high speed turns. Followed by a long, but not steep climb. The right song came on at the beginning of the flat, and I kicked it into high gear. Whipping up to 35mph+, I dropped the main group but still had one guy on my tail. It was on the long gradual climb that I escaped him. The rest of the race was a TT trying to hold on to my gap which was about 30 seconds. Although I was second by about 30 seconds, I was really happy with my ride. It was intense and unconventional, the way I like it. I know I've had alot of race stuff on here recently. To those that dont know me, I'm not a "racer guy". I am a cyclist who has recently caught the racing bug. I just dont want any assumptions made...

You know, that I'm a jerk* or something.

But ya, I got some compliments during and after the ride, so I guess im doing something right.

One of the people that complimented me may be three time olympian and the originator of the ride, John Howard.

If not, it is simply a coincidence that he has been doing the ride since it's inseption, his name is John, and he looked like him (its tough with a mushroom cap and glasses).

Either way, nice guy.

*Not every racer is a jerk, just most.

Just kidding

No but seriously...

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