Monday, June 1, 2009

Allrighty then.

Had me a good break. I was chillin like a villain.......a Madvillain



One day we did a greenbelt hike.


That hike has me really itching to get back on the MTB.

I went to SA also.

BBQ too.

Did the Social Cycling ATX Thursday ride too.


Met this hilarious Bulgarian pointer at Draught House.


Also did the friday critical mass which was AWESOME. The river beach and Barton springs....amazing. Pics and rundown:

Frankenbike is a whole lot of fun as a seller. Some nice lady hooked the sellers up with ice cold watermelon. The beer was flowing, and I got some free stuff from other sellers.

ThyNeighborsBike has a good write up.

Moontower ride was amazing.

Amazing photograher Brian ( got a nice picture of a tower ascent.

My brother left on Sunday. I figured in get back on the bike and back to more serious riding. A friend of mine joined me and asked if I minded doing some climbing. I said no, and he took me out here.

It was a little rough at first, but by the end I was feeling good.

The descents are really fun out there.

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