Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elephant butt

There is a feature on the main greenbelt trail called the elephant butt.

Image from

That site is a great local MTB reasource. Check it out!

Ive had a mountain bike for a little more than two years. Over the last year I've started riding more seriously, and challenging myself more by committing to obstacles and discovering new trails.

Yesterday was the first time I was able to clear it. I ride a single speed 29er with a 32/18, so give me a little break.

Alot of the obstacles out there are hard because of the metal aspect. You have to believe in your bike's capabilities, your skill to pick a line, and your ability to commit and not hesitate.

When it happens, it feels fantastic.


  1. You achieving these accomplishments is inspiring!

  2. That's the beauty of mountain biking. Many small but fulfilling goals, with the bigger goal of a full no-touch run.

  3. you are looking very daring person. and its a really adventures cards i think you will achieve your goal...but i advice you to be careful in the areas of mountain and keep your cycle chain on upper gear