Monday, June 22, 2009

Bike Shop Days - Part 6

bike shop door

Lets forget bikes for a second.

Many of the best experiences I take from my time there have nothing to do with bikes.

I learned much of life, love, and the world there.

I confided in people there.

I had passionate debate/discussions there.

I became who I currently am, there.

You could say it is like family.

I mean, who lets you keep all your benefits when your not really working there?
It was weird. When I graduated, I had to get a "real" job to pay bills and get insurance for when I gank up my body. I started working less at the shop. And less. It came to the point that I would work only when a day off was needed. I kept my keys and benefits . I felt bad sometimes, but would always make myself available and useful when wandering into the shop. I offered to go in before opening and do builds or repairs. I was told not to sweat it.

This series will continue indefinitely, although it will be on a "flashback" kind of basis.

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