Friday, June 26, 2009

Bike Shop Days - Part 7


When I was expecting the presidio, I reminded the wrenches to keep a close eye for damage on the box. Nice Joke


Man its getting close.

Every day I realize how much more than a bike shop that place is.

I also have realized that when trying to remember the things that I learned there, that it is hard because they have simply become a part of who I am.

Memories flow when I teach or share something from my experiences.

A while back (but after I learned about the close), I was giving a basic maintenance tutorial to a friend after hours at the shop.

Going through the various procedures, I reflected heavily on the fun had (with people and machines) working at the shop.

If the right song comes on, it will have the same time-travel effect.

The shop was also my "bat cave".

Before each cross race I would go alone to the shop to prepare.

I'd butter up, get all the kinks out of my ride, drink beers, psyc up, and jam heavily before heading out to the ped bridge.

That process was a big part of the fun for me.

Great times.

I believe I will return to the bike shop world some day.

And when I do, I hope I can run a shop that elicits passion from its crew and patrons like Charlie did.

He certainly has shown me how.

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