Friday, February 13, 2009

9 hours in my leotard and armored armadillos

Got my day started with the refreshing sensation only DZ Nuts can provide.


I headed out for a little jaunt with a friend prepping for the Texas 4000.

It was a little windy today, but rolling on 360 still hit the spot.

For a little post ride nutrition I went with the classic Stone IPA. My friend is not really familiar with the world of hearty brews, but she totally dug it and I was impressed.

We split another bomber (Arrogant Bastard) and I headed out with another friend for a urban road night ride.

Arriving at the Draught House, I ran into the Carmadillo.


Although it was not spewing fire, it was pretty sweet.

Before leaving, I carbo-loaded with some house brewed IPA.

We did about 25 miles around west Austin and it was fun.


Riding home, I gave the hospital that facilitated my birth the peace sign.

After 9 hours, DZ Nuts proved to leave my junk happy, silky and smooth.

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