Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now then, back to Monday

Austin was destroyed by The Mist. BTW, that 7.4 rating is bullshit.

But that did not dissuade me from busting on the greenbelt.


A homeboy and I did a web of back trail stuff. We also ran into some gnarly freeride shit out there. My 80 mills would not cut it.

We also came upon a bum and/or meth camp out there. I once heard a story about 2 night hikers that were confronted by bums and relieved of their hand-crank flashlight/radio.

Tuesday had much nicer weather.

I went out with a friend to ride some west Austin hills. A little Lake Austin. A little Scenic Drive. A little Mozart's. A double dose of Mt. Bonnell. A dash of 2222. Just the right amount of beer.

That is the recipe for a sweet day.


  1. hey great blog!
    i'm going to add you to the links on our page and if it's okay i'm going to use some of your pics from the love stinks race.