Monday, February 16, 2009

Another weekend

A friend got out of work early and we headed out to 360 for a short ride. We went tot he base of the bridge so he could take a few pics of his new ride or "whip".

I took some of my own


Dang' ol' birds livin' under the bridge


Those are some fine vehicles


Texas has the best winter sunsets


And some pretty good BBQ


That was a quality ride.

It being Friday and all, I had to get my drink on.

I warmed up with a sierra or two and I took off on my Panasonic.

I was riding on the sidewalk listening to Punky Reggae Party when, with a foot to react, I saw a mass of branches where there is never any.

It seems the storm during the week tore down a huge branch and placed it neatly on the sidewalk in the darkest of spots.

Here is the branch:

Here is where it was:

I got a few boo boos, but the bike was alright, and I continued on my way after moving the bastard and breaking a few of it's fingers.

A friend from my hometown was in Austin and his newly 21 GF wanted to do the 6th street thing. So we went to this lame ass shithole known as Library. The frat crowd loves this place. I could only stand to be there as long as it took to drink my negra modelo.

Feeling a little fancy, we headed to the Omni hotel bar. I go there for one thing.

Jack Single Barrel. Quality stuff, and the Omni is the only place downtown with it.

Still not alcoholed enough, and not wanting to spend more money, I met up with roomates at a party by campus.

It wasn't "all that", but I got my fill and was ready to head home.

Saturday morning was Greenbelt time.


Did some trails that were new to me.

I took a nice 5 hour nap after that.

Sunday rolls around and its time for a road ride with friends


We ended the ride at Austin Java. I always thought of it as a standard coffee house. I saw the signs that said lunch and dinner, but was always skeptical. Man, I've been missing out. I had the black and blue burger (peppercorn sauce and Gorgonzola) and it was amazing. I look forward to trying their pasta and other dishes.

Evening rolled around, and I was looking around for my handy dandy lock. It was nowhere to be found! I've almost lost it before, and it felt like shit. This time I thought it was gone forever. It is strange how attached I've gotten to my 4 year old lock. I began thinking about where it could be. I figured it may have fallen out of my belt on Saturday night when I was riding home and decided to make a pit stop in town lake.

I went to go check it out.

It was there!!!



A happy ending to a great weekend.

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