Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday is the Saturday

I had planned to make my first appearance at a bikemojo group ride. I even set an alarm on a Saturday. Of course, when it actually rang at 8:00 am, I returned it to it's natural state of off.

Eventually I did get around to riding. Since the wind was fast enough to make a triathlete dangerous from across the highway, I hit the dirt with sunlight fading fast.

I love Barton Creek.



It got dark.



I learned that there is an amount of light that allows you so see, but only in 2d.

Then some bullshit happened on my ride home.


A fucking screw?!?

Then I saw a Roly Poly


While the Roly Poly sighting certainly lifted my spirits, i still had a flat to deal with. Apparently slime makes it pretty hard to patch a hole. After my second patch stuck, it was only fit that I would get a cut at the base of the valve. After bribing my roomate with bike repairs, he picked me up.

I noticed my Maggies were not acting right on the trail. I figured some air got in during a recent hose shortening.

Magura Louise BAT Carbon Disc brakes

Since I had planned a ride with a friend for sunday, I spent my saturday night with my roomate, sierra nevada, and my brakes.

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