Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fridays should be renamed to Greatdays...

The morning started a little cloudy and hazy, but in true Texas fashion, the Weather changed. And with a little luck, it turned out to be for the better.

My company, no not like a firm, and I decided to check out the Dam loop (about 50 miles). It is one of the standard road rides here in Austin, yet neither of us had done it. I was pretty confident that I would figured out the 4 roads that make it up. I had looked at a map, it looked pretty simple. Well....we got lost.

Not once, but twice.

First, I missed, or didn't see a major turn. That automatically added like 10-15 miles. Then, I tried some funny stuff and got us lost in a neighborhood/country club. That added 5-10 miles.

Including the miles to get to the loop, we did in the area of 70-80 miles.


It was well worth it.

And here are some pictures so you know I'm not lying.






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