Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So far, this week...

has been pretty dang good.

No Gingerman pint night on Monday since I already have a Kona Coffee Porter glass.

Instead, went on an evening ro@d ride.

I arrived at our meetup place (Zax) early, which is very unusual for me. What better way to burn 5 minutes than to slam a Sierra at Aussies. I got some funny looks as I chugged away in full kit.

While on the subject of Sierra, I'd like to say I'm very happy with the move by Sierra to bottle Torpedo and make it available year round.

Ive been enjoying this brew on tap at Gingerman for a while now as part of their "specialty drafts" program. Their celebration ale has always been a seasonal favorite, but it looks like Torpedo will find a permanent place in my fridge and heart.

We went out on 360 and headed back via shoal creek.


Sundays ride at the greenbelt was pretty dusty, and I made the mistake of asking for rain. We got it early Monday and I figured things would be nice and tacky by Tuesday morning. At first, the trail conditions were nice. Dirt was tacky and the rocks dry. Further in, things started to get a little sloppy. Then, the rain that was supposed to arrive 3 hours later made an early appearance. Soon enough, the trail was sloppier than a sloppy joe. Tacky trail turned muddy and the limestone was slick.



Here in Texas, riding in these conditions is not the norm. Austin Parks closes the trail with conditions like that, so it was challenging and pretty fun.

And thats the end of that chapter....

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