Friday, July 3, 2009

Bike Shop Days - Part 10


Took it off my key chain today.

It is now taped amongst other pieces of flair on my office door.

I've also realized how much I miss my lunch time visits. I would often go and eat there or simply hang out.

Having a key to a bike shop was a great privilege. I had some great times with friends there.

I remember how the door would act up when the sun would hit it right. I would have to push on the handle a certain way to get it locked.

I loved having the front door propped open during the cooler part of the year. I would also open the back door to get a good flow of air moving through the shop.

Plus an open front door lends its self to fun entries/exits. The shop had a few stairs just in front of the door. While not spectacular, it was fun busting up those stairs and squeezing in the door frame. Flying through the door and over the steps was another cheap thrill and a fitting departure.

Furthermore, the removal of glass and burglar bars from my line of sight made evaluation of the ladies passing by just that much better. Man did that street have some great sights...

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