Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moutain biking

Did about 3.5 hours yesterday.

I did that weekly BSS ride again. Learned about 2 new trails. One of them leads to a neighborhood park complete with a life sustaining water fountain. Man did I need it at that point.

One of the MoJoS joined the ride and put on an exhibition of single speed awesomeness.
Not only that, he was full rigid and a nice guy.
He guides a single speed trail ride on Mondays. I cant wait for my first day of class!

Yesterday, an old fashion Internet fight on Mojo spawned a Wednesday morning ride call.

Did a little out and back action at 7. What a morning.

BiKe Mojo
is a local MTB forum that has jerks, conservatives, liberals, racers, slackers, wanna bes, nice people, atheists, christians, random crap, and occasionally some bike related stuff like ride calls.

Check it out!

Song in the brain:

It's not De la Souls best song by far, but this version is live and has a nice twist.
I hope they can still bust, they will be at Emo's on August 1st.

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