Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cyclocross training

Time to get this shit going.

The Dirt Derby is starting up September 1st, and from what I understand, we should have a super wet fall/winter. I hope this cool season sees a whole lot of BD Cross Club action.

Im am thinking about starting up a weekly cyclocross training/riding/racing/drinking thing on Wednesday nights around 9-930.

Maybe do some mounting skills.

Run some stairs.

Perhaps a one lap race to end the night.

There is a book out there that has a whole lot of skill drills that I may buy.

I've tried to find drills online, but have been unsuccessful.


If you read this here thing, comment with your interest/suggestions.

Since I have no idea how many people actually read this, I will see if Jason will post up too.

I will be out at the ped bridge at 9/9:15 tonight and start doing my thang round 9:30


  1. Thanks for the invite. I could not reply from a work computer and I had just finished a ride this evening. We rode over the bridge about 845 but then hunger took over so it was off to dinner.
    Did you make it out??

  2. Yup I got there as schedualed. Did an hour with one other person that showed. Im thinkin about moving it a little earlier. Perhaps a "wheels down" at around 830/845/900.

    Also, I will be doing it on random nasty weather days.

  3. I am interested however, I like the idea of wheels down at around 9:15-9:30....I work until 9pm potentially on Wednesdays.

    If that time doesn't work then it doesn't work...maybe I could just come out late.

  4. I thought over the start time again. Its gonna have to be in the 9:15/:30 area. The cross club races start around that time for a reason. Foot traffic pretty much is completly absent from LBL and shoal creek after 9:30 or so. We saw one person last night.